BRISolutions — Bravissimo Resourcing, Inc. helps you find a great, suitable, and fun place to work in. It is a magnificent human resources company that makes you feel comfortable right from the start and treats you like family. The people are so cheerful and hardworking. When I first walked into their office, I told myself, I’m in good hands. They accommodate their employees even though they are busy at work. When they see you, they will ask if you are fine and if you’re doing well. They are also easy to work with and you can easily approach them when you have any concern.

They placed me in Accenture where I can fully use my knowledge and skills. I am doing great! And I am looking forward to more prosperous years working with BRI.

— Kenneth

My experience with the company was totally unexpected. I knew that as a fresh graduate, it is not easy to get hired immediately. But BRISolutions – Bravissimo Resourcing, Inc. showed me that it is possible. I thank BRI for giving me this kind of opportunity. Since the first day that they called me for an interview, it’s been a memorable experience. Their process is so fast. I still remember the day I signed my contract. It was Valentine’s Day. I really appreciated it because I felt so special. I was so blessed when BRI told me that Accenture would be my employer since it was my dream company! BRI helped not only me but also my whole family because I have a seven-month-old daughter. I want to thank them for giving me a chance because I know I will succeed in the position they gave me. 

You helped me a lot BRI, not only financially. You helped me work professionally and progressively, and you boosted my confidence. I can’t thank you enough! 

I can say that my overall experience with BRI is awesome and blessed. More power and God bless!

— Nikka Alyssa

Resourceful. Responsive. Customer-oriented. These words best describe BRISolutions — Bravissimo Resourcing, Inc. I was impressed with their professionalism during our initial interview. It was a pleasure communicating with them. They are prompt with their follow-ups and provide timely information when asked.  They confidently managed my colleagues and I, and offered useful recommendations on how they can add value to us during the transition period of our employment with Accenture. The staff assigned to handle us was dedicated to our needs and requirements. They provided exceptional service and displayed in-depth knowledge especially with payroll. Thank you very much for all your help.

— Jenny

BRISolutions — Bravissimo Resourcing, Inc. is an outstanding company. They provided the most convenient way to process our documents. They guided us and gave us the necessary updates on our employment. They responded to queries quickly and provided clear information. I hope to receive the same great help and support as I continue to work with them. Cheers to more success and great teamwork!

— Lovely Joy

I appreciate BRISolutions’ quality of service. Since I transferred to this agency, I have been satisfied with their service. My colleagues at BRISolutions are nice and have good business etiquette. I’m thankful to be part of this team.

 — John Mark

Wow! This was my first impression of BRISolutions — Bravissimo Resourcing, Inc. When I first stepped into their office, I already felt the good vibes! They have a good environment and an approachable staff with smiles painted on their faces. This agency is the one I’ve been looking for! I have never experienced a delayed salary with the company, which means no more headaches and follow-ups. Yay! They are also very helpful with all our concerns. I am happy to recommend it to anyone.

 — Ivy

This recruitment firm is a great guide towards your desire career path. They have smooth application process and professional recruiters.
Thanks to Mr. Paulo Sta. Isabel for assisting me all the way 🙂
Two thumbs up for bravissimo!

— Cherieville

Bravissimo really offers an opportunity to the candidates who want to work on a particular position based on their qualifications. I’m glad that I was hired a week ago. The process of application went so smooth and I was satisfied with the overall recruiting process. 

Thank you Sir Paulo Sta. Isabel for assisting and updating me throughoutmy application.

— Maravel

BRISolutions – Bravissimo Resourcing, Inc. will take care of you from the very start of your application to your deployment. They’ll patiently listen to your queries and concerns, and will address them accordingly and professionally. I have experienced it. You will have no regrets choosing the fastest growing talent acquisition firm in the Philippines. They definitely know your worth since without you, there would be no BRI.

— Michael

My experience with BRISolutions — Bravissimo Resourcing, Inc. is a very positive one. They communicate politely and are very approachable. I’m so grateful for all the help and patience the company has given me.

— Rochelle